Flex Pad Pain Relief

"The woman who was doing my wife’s facials introduced me to LED therapy. She suggested I use it on my hand to see if it would relieve the pain from arthritis. Two sessions and the pain was amazingly reduced. The machine she used was over $2000, so I searched the Internet for LEDs and bought your machine.

"My wife and I have been using it for nine months. We have used it here in the States and in Europe (only needing a socket adapter). I use it on my hand and my knee for the arthritic pain. Although my hand is not stronger, the therapy absolutely lessens the pain. The same for my knee. What is interesting is that I am on statins for high cholesterol, and one of the frequent side effects is calf muscle cramping. When I use the LED on my knee I do not experience cramping the next morning. My wife uses the therapy on her knee with excellent results—stronger and less pain. Or perhaps because there is less pain, the knee is stronger.

"I have told my personal physician about the therapy and anyone who tells me about their arthritic pain. One of the problems with aging (I am 75) is arthritic pain, which your therapy has minimized for me allowing me and my wife to enjoy our life."
—E.S., California

"I am thrilled with my DPL system! I've been using it on my face and for various aches and pains. It actually worked a 17 minute miracle on jaw pain from a dental procedure ... I had been suffering for two days and finally decided to use the light, laying the panel directly on the jaw and—TADA—the pain is all gone and has not come back. I also used it on a friend whose shoulder was hurting her, and after just one 17 minute treatment the pain never came back." —Annette Kohn-Lau, N.D., Illinois

"I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I have had amazing results from the DPL System. While I initially purchased the unit for skin rejuvenation, I had excruciating TMJ when I began use in April. My jaw suddenly stopped hurting and I have not had ONE incident of the searing pain since I started treatment!!! It has also brightened up my skin and given me a refreshed look, plus it's plumped my lips...sweet!" —P.F., Kentucky

"I’m using the DPL System for pain relief from carpal tunnel that I have in my arm, and it works great." —B.D., California