“I found out about this light therapy device from my friend who is a cosmetologist. I hesitated several months before I decided to purchase it, and now I am so glad that I have it! My friend and my daughter noticed changes in my appearance after only 2-3 weeks of use. The color of my skin became more smooth and fresh. In two months I can see, and my daughter confirms, that the wrinkles on my face and neck are significantly reduced, and my skin overall looks younger. I would recommend this product—it works!” —L.B., New York

“My brown spots are gone and my barber said that my hairline has increased.” —F.T., Florida

“During the first 6 weeks I used my DPL System for 9 minutes, twice a day. Then once a day for a few weeks longer, and now I use it a few times a week. When I started I had really deep lines in my forehead, and now they are not nearly as deep. I’m going to keep using it and look forward to seeing even more positive changes as time goes on.” D.F., Pennsylvania

“I just love the light. There’s been a noticeable difference in my skin texture. It seems tighter also. I am just thrilled with the results. I use it daily on my face and have now started on my arms. Friends have noticed a difference too, and all want one. Many thanks for a wonderful product.” —S.M., Tennessee

“My friends think I’ve had plastic surgery or Botox—they say I look 10 years younger.” —A.F., Colorado

“I bought the system as an experiment for my rosacea and it really helped it. Anyone with rosacea should try this system. It has also helped with my veins that I was seeing a dermatologist for. I don’t have to go as often know since using the system.” —S.T., Illinois

“My mom has had excellent results with the healing of some areas on her arms that she had moles removed from, and she has only used the system about 5 times.” —J.M., Colorado

“With my stressful job, wrinkles were bound to happen. Using the DPL System just once a day for three months smoothed my wrinkles dramatically. (click images for close-ups) So easy to use…a great non-invasive treatment to help improve my appearance and smooth away my facial lines…A GREAT investment!” —K.R., New Jersey

We’ve been blogged! “This light does exactly what I was looking to have done and right in the privacy of my own home…The dark spots, sun damage, lines and crows feet ALL dramatically reduced!” —F.C., Florida click here for full text

“Since using the DPL System I feel I have a fresher look. It has improved my overall appearance, including evening of skin tone. One of my friends just told me that I looked the best she’s ever seen me, and I’ve known her for 7 years! Other friends have commented as well.” —G.B., California

“I began to use the DPL without telling anyone I was trying it. After a month, a friend told me my skin looked better and asked me what I had been doing with my skincare regime…I went to a doctor last week, and after he looked over my paperwork, he did a double take, then said, “You’re 46? I thought you were 29.” Light for beauty, indeed.” —S.S., Virginia

“I love how the DPL Therapy System makes my face feel. It is so fast—just 9 minutes a day, and without all the expensive creams.” —D.A., Texas

“I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I have had amazing results from the DPL System. While I initially purchased the unit for skin rejuvenation, I had excruciating TMJ when I began use in April. My jaw suddenly stopped hurting and I have not had ONE incident of the searing pain since I started treatment!!! It has also brightened up my skin and given me a refreshed look, plus it’s plumped my lips…sweet!” —P.F., Kentucky

“I just received my DPL System on Tuesday of this week, and have had 5 treatments. I must say, it seems to be working wonderfully! This is the first time in many, many, MANY years that there is FINALLY something that works! If this system cost $1,000 and I knew what it could do, I would not hesitate to buy it…(I have probably spent more than that through the many years of purchasing all the creams and gels that claimed to work. All I can say is thank you very much for making this system available to the public.” —L.H., Kentucky

“The LED system is my best purchase ever! Thank you.” —M.K., Kansas

Before and After

2010 Clinical Study Results

In a 2010 study to determine the efficacy of the DPL Therapy System, 13 subjects received DPL Light Therapy treatments over 10 weeks. 100% of the subjects reported visible improvement in fine lines, wrinkles and skin tone.


  • Reduction of fine lines: 75% of the subjects rated their improvement between 3 and 5 (on a scale of 5) over the ten-week treatment cycle.

  • Reduction of crow’s feet: 66.6% of the subjects rated their improvement between 3 and 5 (on a scale of 5) over the ten-week treatment cycle.

  • Improvement in skin tone: 91.6% of the subjects rated their improvement between 3 and 5 (on a scale of 5) over the ten-week treatment cycle.

  • Overall skin condition: 91.6% of the subjects rated their improvement between 3 and 5 (on a scale of 5) over the ten-week treatment cycle.