ReVive Blue Light for Acne

reVive® Blue light for acne

reVive® Blue light for acneThe reVive® Blue light for acne is LED Technologies’ powerful, portable, handheld light therapy device for treating acne. The blue light emitted by this unit penetrates deep into your skin, without damaging the surface, to target and destroy the bacteria that causes acne flare-ups. The reVive® Blue light is painless, safe, emits no harmful UV rays, uses no harsh irritating chemicals, has no side effects, and is super easy and convenient to use in the privacy of your own home.

Acne affects people of all ages, gender and race, and living with acne can be agonizing. Statistically, 85% of Americans suffer from acne outbreaks between the ages 12 to 24. And 25% of these will suffer permanent scars, ranging from light to severe. According to the American Dermatologists Association, 60 million Americans experience active acne, including 25% of adults; 20 million Americans are likely to suffer acne-generated scars; only 11% of acne sufferers seek medical assistance. With this new treatment system most acne sufferers can effectively treat their acne without expensive drugs, harsh chemicals and time-consuming visits to dermatologists!

  •  40 blue LEDs (415nm)
  • Treatment area = 2.7 sq in (6.8 sq cm)
  • See frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Produces 1 joule/cm2 energy per minute; irradiance output: 8-55 mW/cm2
  • Three-minute treatment per affected area, twice daily, while acne is active
  • Automatic shut-off to prevent overheating
  • Designed for 110-240V power; a simple plug adapter will be needed for use outside the USA
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Goggles and storage bag included
  • FDA cleared and approved for flexible spending accounts

reVive® Blue light for acne: $159.95 plus $12 shipping in the USA. (Priority Mail)  

reVive® Blue light for acne: $159.95 plus $60 for shipping OUTSIDE THE USA. (Express Mail International)