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Light Box Therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder / SAD

If you just don’t feel like yourself during the fall and winter months you may suffer from seasonal depression. This mood disorder, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is a very real problem for those who are susceptible to the effects of reduced natural sunlight. Symptoms of SAD can include a change in appetite (especially craving sweet or starchy foods), weight gain, drop in energy level, reduction in sex drive, change in sleep/wake patterns, reduction in the quality of sleep, avoidance of social situations, decreased concentration and creativity, irritibility, and inability to complete tasks.

For years, most people who suffered from seasonal depression couldn't do anything about it. Today, bright light therapy offers a remarkable, natural, drug-free option for the treatment of SAD. This treatment involves the use of a special type of light fixture that produces much brighter light than regular indoor lighting. The intensity of this light is measured in lux. Bright light treatment requires a minimum of 2,500 lux to be effective, and the brightness recommended by researchers and clinicians for most people is 10,000 lux. Most homes have light levels between 100-300 lux, while well-lit offices generally don't go above 700 lux.

Whether you or someone you love suffers from winter depression, there is a cure! Since 1985, The Sunbox Company has been dedicated to helping people conquer winter depression. Their award-winning, nationally-recognized and doctor-recommended natural lighting products make getting over the winter blues easier than you ever imagined. From desktops lamps to lamps that can light an entire room, Sunbox therapy light boxes can help you feel great all year long. Just a few minutes’ exposure per day is all it takes to combat the winter blues and regain your enthusiasm, energy and concentration.

Stop fighting that yearly battle with the winter blues...
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My sister used a SunBox for many years and it has helped her depression tremendously. —D.R. in California

Thank you for giving me my life back! —C.B. in Maryland

Thanks for everything—great product, service, warranty. Also I am so glad I can get relief non-medicinally. —J.M. in Texas

I wish I had purchased this 15 years ago. I experienced immediate results. I feel like a new person. —M.P. in New York

Light Box Therapy for Other Disorders:

Preliminary studies have also been conducted on the use of light therapy for a variety of other psychiatric and medical problems including alcoholism, obesity, immune function, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder and chronic fatigue syndrome.

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