June 11, 2012

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Product Spotlight
How to choose the best DPL system for you

New Arrival
DPL Beauty Nüve
The best of both worlds!

Natural Health Corner
Fun in the sun? Scientists debate the best strategies for reducing skin cancer risk

Which to choose?

  • DPL Therapy System
  • DPL Beauty Nüve
  • DPL Pain Nüve

$349.00 The DPL Therapy System is a great solution if you like to relax while doing your light treatment. For facial treatments all you do is sit in front of it for nine minutes. If you use it for pain you lay it on your skin or strap it on with the enclosed Velcro band and let it do its magic for 17 minutes. This unit provides the shortest treatment time, especially for large areas. read more

$199.95 The new DPL Beauty Nüve comes with two heads designed to provide the most effective treatment for common age-related skin conditions as well as treatment of pain. The red head is wonderful for problems on the skin's surface such as scars, dark spots and fine lines. The infrared head acts at a deeper level to tighten sagging skin and soothe aches and pains. Treatment is about 20 minutes every other day. read more

$159.95 The DPL Pain Nüve is our most affordable device. It can be used for the same problems as the Beauty unit, but it may not be quite as effective on surface issues. Many customers buy this along with a DPL Therapy System so they have a smaller light to take along when travelling. It is also popular with those who suffer from localized pain. read more

Claro IPL for acneAnd remember, we also carry the Claro ($195) and the DPL Acne Nüve ($159.95) for treatment of acne. The Claro helps improve the appearance and reduce the duration of occasional pimples. If you have many pimples, or other types of acne over a larger area of skin, the DPL Acne Nüve should provide an ongoing reduction in new blemishes.


NEW! DPL® Beauty Nüve

As requested by estheticians! The DPL Nüve is now available with two separate heads... red and infrared. Red light is known for improving surface problems such as fine lines, scarring and hyperpigmentation. Infrared helps with sagging skin as well as pain and healing. Here are the facts about this new system:

  • Treatment for skin rejuvenation is 20 minutes every other day, alternating between the two heads
  • Package includes an all-red head with 60 625nm red LEDs and a red/infrared head with four 625nm red LEDs and 56 830nm infrared LEDs
  • Reaches 18-25mw/cm2; output is one joule per minute
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, one-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Goggles and travel bag included

$199.95 plus $8 shipping in the USA.

fun in sunNatural Health Corner

Fun in the sun?

Scientists debate the best strategies for reducing skin cancer risk

For decades we have been told to slather on sunscreen to protect us from skin cancer. But some recent studies have come to different conclusions, such as those that suggest sunscreen users are at increased risk of melanoma because they subject themselves to more intense sun exposure. And others which show that people who get lots of sun, like farmers, are less likely to get melanoma than office workers. In addition, some experts see problems in the potential hormonal toxicity of most sunscreens’ active ingredients. And scientists remind us that sunlight stimulates the skin to produce vitamin D, which is critical to health and may even lower skin cancer risks.

For a synopsis of the debate and common sense suggestions for reducing skin cancer risk, see EWG's article Health Agencies Question Sunscreen Efficacy. Also see their 2012 Sunscreen Guide and other interesting articles on this important subject.

And for a totally natural suncare strategy do some research on coconut oil. Pacific islanders have long covered themselves in virgin coconut oil before going out into the sun, and they have practically zero incidence of skin cancer. You can also consume raw coconut oil for added protection. Keep in mind that if your skin is not used to the sun you need to start your sun exposure slowly. Be sure to drink plenty of water, since dehydration is one of the reasons skin burns. Coconut oil can also be used after sun exposure to soothe and heal red or burned skin. read more

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