Now available for home use—IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy for acne

Zap your zits away in seconds!
... no lotions, creams or pills ...


CLARO™... the ultimate natural treatment for acne

CLARO provides a completely new way to treat mild to moderate acne with no lotions, creams or pills. It is the only acne device that uses IPL technology, combining HEAT and LIGHT in a hand-held device that is safe for use at home or on-the-go.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Technology

Regarded as one of the most important advancements in acne treatment, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a clinically-proven technology that combines heat and pulsed blue and red light for fast, effective treatment of inflammatory acne. Physicians have used IPL for decades to treat acne, and clinical studies have shown that IPL treatments are comparable if not more effective than prescription antibiotics.

  • Effective, safe and fast (6-12 seconds per spot-treatment)
  • Easy to use and painless
  • Portable, battery-operated (rechargeable, 110-220v)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee, 1-year manufacturer's warranty

Claro IPL for home acne treatmentHow does CLARO eliminate acne?

Pimples develop when there is a break in the wall of the skin pore and white blood cells rush in and rise to the surface, creating inflamed and sore pimples—your classic red, ugly “zits.” The bacteria that causes acne produces a compound called porphyrin. CLARO was designed to treat these common pimples, a condition known as mild to moderate inflammatory acne. The heat and light produced by the CLARO stimulates porphyrin to produce singlet oxygen that attacks and eliminates the acne bacteria. In other words, CLARO activates your body’s own natural defense system to fight acne!

Note that Claro was not designed to treat whiteheads and blackheads, nor cystic acne, although there are anecdotal reports of improvement when used on the latter.

Heat + Light = IPL

Dermatologists have used the healing properties of light for decades, and clinical studies show the effectiveness of laser and light-based devices in clearing acne. Today, most dermatologists rely on sophisticated IPL systems to treat acne patients. The scientists who developed CLARO wanted to harness the effectiveness of professional light-based systems by delivering heat and light in a quick, safe treatment that’s simple to use. CLARO delivers on this promise at an affordable price.


The safety of IPL is well established. CLARO delivers a focused spectrum of blue and red light plus heat energy to the skin in a way that targets the source of acne within the epidermis without harming the surrounding skin. The device harnesses the same IPL technology that doctors have used for years in a hand-held unit that is safe for you to use at home or on-the-go. The scientists and medical professionals who created the CLARO invested many years in the development of it's IPL technology to make it safe to use as a personal device, outside the doctor's office.

What makes CLARO unique?

CLARO is the only personal IPL acne clearing device designed to offer professional results in a hand-held unit for personal use. If you suffer from occasional or chronic acne, you have a few choices:

  • Over-the-counter creams, gels and lotions including dozens of formulas that can irritate or cause embarrassing dryness and flaky skin
  • Oral antibiotics with potentially dangerous side effects
  • Multiple doctor visits that never seem to work with your schedule
  • Professional light therapy which is expensive and only available from your doctor
  • Acne therapy devices for home use

Today, there are several acne devices on the market. Some offer heat therapy, some offer light treatment, and some require 20 minute treatments twice a day! Only CLARO offers a unique combination of heat and light that effectively attacks the source of acne with a 6-second series of pulses.

see comparison to other acne devices

The proof is in the pictures! See for yourself how CLARO clears acne—fast... Are you ready to take control of your acne?

Lisa, Aged 25

Ashley, Aged 21

Before CLARO

After two 6 second
CLARO treatments

Before CLARO

24 hours after one
6-second CLARO treatment



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